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PRITI Research & Consultancy Limited. is a Market, Social & Corporate research & Consultancy firm which is situated at Mirpur in Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh. PRITI is the short form of Participatory Research & Innovative Technical Initiatives. PRITI is a result of combined efforts where Young Energetic, Highly Experienced and National Leading Sector Specialists are engaged. PRITI follows the PARTICIPATORY METHODS for conducting all types of research works where both parties (PRITI Research & Consultancy Services and The Clients) work together for Data Reliability, Validity, Authenticity  & Overall Better Results. PRITI has different types of research products & consulting services items for the corporate house, product manufacturers, importers, traders, distributors as well as the service based companies such as National & International NGOs, Donor Agencies, Development Partners,  International Aids, Govt. Agencies and many more. PRITI believes that any types of research findings can change your vision/future.

Market Research

PRITI Research & Consultancy Ltd. is a market, corporate and social research company which is situated at Dhaka, Bangladesh. PRITI is a full time professional research organization which is ready to conduct any types of research, data collection, data entry and many more activities. We are capable to collect data across Bangladesh as well as South Asia.
If any company wants to get the consumer culture, consumer feedback, brand penetration, brand preference, brand tracking, value chain analysis and many for sectors in Bangladesh and South Asia, they can contract us.

Market Research Company in Bangladesh

Being a Market Social & Corporate Research Company in Bangladesh, We are capable to conduct all types of research works in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal.

Offering wide range of research services, PRITI Research & Consultancy Ltd. is one of the leading market research companies in Bangladesh which offers the following activities:

  • Surveys (Online | F2F | Phone)
  • Interviews (B2B | B2C)
  • Data Analytics (Advance Tracking Softwares)
  • Market Intelligence (Trends | Size | Growth Potential)
  • Competitive Intelligence (Major Players | Market Share | Positioning)
  • Consumer Behavior (Needs | Demands | Expectations)

Market Social & Corporate Research Company in Bangladesh

We strongly understand that it is not just about a good solution but it has to be an effective solution that delivers results to our clients. Keeping this principle in mind, we have structured our business framework, which relies on our capabilities to create a long-lasting impact. From outlining the commercial strategy to execution and assessment of the current product, performance and future potential, we are here for you.


Our job is to learn what people like, and why they like the things they like.
We deliver end to end marketing and consultancy services to our clients.

What do we do?

Market research & Survey | Activation & Campaign | Trade Market Monitoring | Advertisement & Promotion | Brand development | Business development | Digital marketing & apps | Project and Consulting | Sales & distribution

We are not great believers in reactive services. If at all possible, we prefer to prevent problems rather than solve them. This is why we offer you a number of practical services aimed at sharing knowledge. Armed with this knowledge, you can prevent many problems yourself.
On this page, you will find an updated list of the services at your disposal.